Every Druid’s Dirty Secret

July 13, 2008 at 3:11 pm (Specs) (, , , )

We all have one. Some of us may not know it, but we all have one. Doesn’t matter if you have a Big Bear Butt, if you’ve pledged to be Resto 4 Life, or even if you think Kitty form is Purrfect, there’s a dirty little secret, a nasty little urge lurking just beneath the surface, waiting to jump out and surprise you when you least expect it. What is this secret, you ask?

Boomkin. Doomkin. Oomkin. Whatever you want to call it, every single druid on the planet is one quick little respec away from discovering what is possibly the most fun spec in the game. Let’s examine what, exactly, makes it so fun, shall we?

1. The awesomest form in the game. I don’t want no stinking Shadowform. You can leave cat form in the litter box. Bear form can go look for the pope in the woods. Tree form can…uh…go with bear form. Give me the lumbering, waddling, laser-bringing, insect-swarming, mage-creaming, Chris Farley-dancing Moonkin form.

2. See that bit about mage creaming? You go Balance spec, and every mage, destro lock, and elemental shaman in the raid is gonna be your new best friend. They’ll send you mails, buy you pretty things, and show up at your house at 3 in the morning just because they missed you…in their party in the raid. No more being relegated to the tank party for your ToL aura! No more having to hang out with the(rather morally questionable) melee dps! (Seriously, who wants to hang out with dirty pickpocketing thieves and tanks with anger management issues?) You get to hang out with the mages and the locks, baby! You’ve made the big time. All the biscuits and cookies you can eat, and you could probably even talk one of the baby eaters into throwing you a soulstone, healers be damned!

3. Spell crit. Screw steady DPS. Boomkins bring bursty, spikey, crit-happy DPS to the table, and there is absolutely nothing more fun in this game than seeing GIGANTIC numbers consistently showing up above a boss’ head. Add on top of this the ludicrous amounts of armor we have in doomkin form(I’m rocking around 11k unbuffed in my pvp gear), and that just means we can take an extra hit or two when we invariably pull aggro. We also don’t have to go searching too far for our aggro dump/oh shit/save me buttons, because aside from Barkskin, they don’t exist! Less buttons to push = more DPSing to do! No wasting time Soulshattering for us, just keep spamming those wraths.

So, on a slightly more serious note, I had, probably a month ago, played around with Boomkin spec, did a couple raids and some battlegrounds with it, and had quite a bit of fun. I wound up respeccing to fill a gap(tank or heals, forget which, I’m losing track of when I spec to what these days), and to be honest, I regretted it a little. I mean, I helped get a run off the ground, so that was awesome, but there was this faint nagging in the back of my head. I think it was saying “You could be pewpewing right now.”

So, flash forward to friday night. I’m working on my hunter alt, and I get a tell from my 2v2 partner in the guild. Him and our most experienced PvP priest want to know if I’m specced feral to roll up on some 3v3 with them. About ten minutes later, and I’m already respecced Boomkin. We did absolutely awesome. I’d only done about five matches with the lock, and never really PvPed with the priest, so going 5 and 5 our first night of matches together felt like a good win for us. The way Boomkin/Priest/Lock meshes together is crazy. The only way other teams seemed to be able to beat us was by pressuring the priest a little and then focusing me down. I’m the lowest stam, lowest resil on the team, so I’m working on that(hence my rather angry rant about pvp gear).

But yeah, I’m looking forward to doing some more as a boomkin. I particularly want to do some raids as Boomkin. Prince needs some lazers in the face, and I know just the chickencow to give them to him.

Edit: Just in case you were wondering, here is a link my Boomkin Spec. It’s intended to be a hybrid pvp/pve spec.


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