On PvP Gear

July 11, 2008 at 6:32 pm (Rants) (, , , )

Dear anyone who thinks S2 gear is easy to get,

Please, go do 30 WSG PUG matches. Then do 50 AV PUG matches. Then do 50 AB PUG matches. Once you’ve done that, please come back and tell me how easy it is to get. Until you’ve done that, your opinion means very little to me.

Tell me how easy this gear is to get after doing match after match of battlegrounds with incompetent morons who want to go all on D in WSG. Who want to zerg the opposing general in AV, leaving no one on D or to guard graveyards or towers. Who can’t be bothered, if they’re the last person at a node in AB, to actually stand there and call out incomings. Who can’t even be bothered to be at their fucking keyboard. After all of that, please come back and tell me this gear is easy to farm, that it’s welfare epics.

The S2 gear has a high cost. It’s not the honor, it’s not the marks, it’s not the time invested. It’s the frustration, misery, and general hatred for humanity you develop in being forced to PvP with the lowest common denominator, the BG PUG player. They don’t know how to play their class, they don’t know how to PvP, they don’t know how to win a BG. There are only two things in the world these people excel at. Acting like douchebags, and making your life miserable.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have 23 more WSG marks of honor to farm.

P.S. The number of BGs I listed gets you 5 pieces of gear. Leaving quite a few remaining to get if you want the whole set. Doing just the BG you really enjoy to get a single piece does not qualify you to make broad, sweeping generalizations about how easy all of the gear is to get.


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