Patch Day! 2.4.3

July 15, 2008 at 1:34 pm (Uncategorized)

Lots of little tweaks, but the two I was most interested in are the fact that you can get mounts at 30 now and the huge freaking bags the slut Haris Pilton sells at the tavern in LC.

Honestly, I’m stoked about mounts at 30. It just means less trouble for my alts. Am I poor-mouthing about “back in my day we had to wait until 40. Then travel five miles uphill in the snow to get our mounts!”? Well, maybe a little, but it still makes things easier on everybody and I’m for that. Besides, it just makes it easier for them to put new mounts in Wrath and wring more pixelated money out of us. As for the bags, holy unlimited cargo space, Batman! The price on those things is just this side of extortion. Not to mention the assorted useless items she sells that are 2-3k. Who’s going to pay 2k for a pair of sunglasses? (Ok, I admit, I was tempted for a moment there. An around-town outfit with sunglasses and a pair of the knit sandals that look like flip-flops? Awesome summer chic. Gimme a break. I’m a girl.)

I’ll leave the dissection of the changes and how they’veĀ  nerfed/buffed various classes to someone who knows everything about all the classes. Meanwhile, how sad is it that the first thing I did, was go get a Nether Ray Fry ? It matches!

Mother and Baby!

Mother and Baby!


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Server Shenannigans

July 8, 2008 at 10:29 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

Was anyone else around last night who had to experience the “World of Warcraft Server Follies”? Quite the show, wasn’t it? Maybe it was just on Turalyon, but it was interesting.

We’d decided to hit up Heroic Mech for some badges with some guildies when people started having lag. Ok, well that, happens, but not usually to 20 people at once. Guild chat was filling up with comments. I happened to have just died in Mech, so I attempted to release as our Paladin was one of the ones having problems, and it wouldn’t let me. After several attempts, including using the repop script commands and no success, Martin had me Alt+F4 out and relog. At which point, this happened:

Floating Mech

Floating Mech

And this:

Moar Floating Mech

Moar Floating Mech

If you look closely you can see in the first picture that the people I was with are still standing in what used to be the hallway before Capacitus. You can even see the elevator in the background. In the second screencap you can see Capcitus himself having a jolly old time floating in space with his buddies, all hippedy hopping around in the clouds and stars of deep Netherstorm.

The best part was that, when I hit release, I fell through the sky and disappeared and could see nothing but stars. And I still took falling damage! Every time I hit release, I died again and took falling damage. At one point our Pally got back, walked into the middle of empty space, rezzed me, and I fell and died again. By the time the servers got back to normal 30 minutes later my gear was busted and it cost me 16g to repair. I was unhappy…but it was still pretty damned funny.

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