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July 17, 2008 at 11:44 am (fun) ()

So, yesterday I was farming up Netherweb Spider Silk for my alt because I can now make imbued netherweave bags (yay!), when Martin says “My AV is about to pop, but Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftains are about to play at the World’s End Tavern in Shatt!”. Of course I, like most silly WoWheads, really kinda like L70ETC, especially since they wrote such a nice song about my main’s class and why they like to do it from behind. There are times when I’m playing and I swear I can hear it playing in my head. “Sinister strike, eviscerate, cheapshot, backstab!”

Anyway, I got over to the tavern and there was quite the crowd. Sure enough, L70ETC popped up into the main stage area. I called in my son, who has a deep love for them, and showed him. At which point he said “But…there’s no music. Look, they’re dancing and singing, but there’s no music!”. Well, he was right. It would’ve been cool, but it wasn’t. I know there’s no capability for that level of rockage in the game and whatnot, but maybe the band should’ve been just partying around in the back drinking too much and feeling up groupies. Haris Pilton, perhaps. Y’know. Rock band things. So, while neat, not ultra-cool. Still, people were dancing around like maniacs and leaping onto the stage, so I was only able to snag one screenshot. Enjoy!

L70ETC Playing at World's End

L70ETC Playing at World's End



  1. Rusco Nendil said,

    Something I just found out, if you turn the music on and up you can heard them perform. I actually just came across your blog, read your post and noticed the message they were performing in game.

  2. Cynra said,

    I haven’t seen this yet, but I’m definitely looking forward to it!

    Rusco Nendil: Thanks for the tip. I usually have the in-game music off — unless I’m in Shadowfang Keep or Black Temple. The music for those two instances are probably my favorite in the game.

  3. Diego "Istimo" Seidl said,

    Yeah, turn the music on and you’ll listen “Earth, Thunder, Fire…”.

  4. Mister K said,

    You should definately check out their other show in the Bar in BRD, you get the same great buff to stats when you cheer them on which is always helpful if you bring some lowbies with you.

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