Sharon’s Intro (Drumroll Please)

July 8, 2008 at 10:09 am (introduction) (, )

Evidently a girl gets in trouble when she cajoles and whines and otherwise harrasses her significant other into working on a blog and then neglects to do so herself. So, without further ado or guilt bombardment, I shall introduce myself.

I’m Sharon. Y’know, that girl mentioned in the post previous by my fiance who was being very sweet. (Of course he’s got to be sweet. It’s his first post! Not to worry, I’m sure you’ll see us arguing later.) I was never much of a video game player, to tell you the truth. I dabbled a bit with old NES when I was a kid and then, when I had my own kid, I got him a system and I dabbled some more. I was never glued to it like the boys in my family were, though. Ironically, I got my mother involved in video games by introducing her to Animal Crossing on Gamecube and now she’s an admitted Final Fantasy junkie who made my father buy her a PS2 and an XBox. She has arthritis in her thumbs for God’s sake. If they ever get broadband out in rural Texas where she lives I know she’ll be on WoW in seconds.
Now, I grew up in a family of geeks and you might say that it rubbed off a little. My family believed heavily in sci-fi and fantasy. I grew up watching Logan’s Run, Barbarella, Night Gallery, that awesome 60’s Time Machine and my mother started me out reading Anne McCaffrey and worked me up to Heinlein and Asimov. To say that I’m open to geekery would be an understatement.

I guess you could say, then, that when I saw Martin playing World of Warcraft that it was easy to see that I’d get interested. We’d done our share of roleplaying (mostly in the White Wolf vein on my end) and this seemed to me to be the pinnacle of what all that roleplaying was about. Of course, that was then and this is now. We do no roleplaying and, honestly, I’m not sure if I want to. Occasionally I have a yen to go back to those roots and give it a try, especially when I look at Ratshag, but then I think of all of the cyber-monkeys and I get gunshy.

Right now I have a 70 Rogue (Allysera) as my main. I just recently respecced combat daggers to take advantage of the nice badge loot that came out in 2.4 and am currently trying to do the good old rep-grind as much as possible to get the remaining enchants I haven’t gotten. Martin and I raid about 3 times a week at the moment, hitting up Kara badge-farming and the occasional 25 man raid. I’m working on a mage alt (Arcanie) as well, since ranged DPS is so damned much easier than melee. So far I’m only at 55, though, so I’ve got a ways to go with that and already I want to start up a new alt.

I did have a blog of my own, much as Martin did, called “Rolled Yesterday: Journal of a New World of Warcraft Player”, however we did decide that this would be a much more interesting and fun venture for us, since we made each other read all of our blog posts anyway. Besides, this way we can argue in front of you all.

So that’s about it for present for introduction. You can look forward to much ranting, venting, anecdote-relating and general commentary and bitchery from me in the future. I’ve already got a few topics in mind, so hold onto your butts.


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